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I rather be biblically in line than be politically correct.
If Africa as a nation stays under God, it will never go under.
Christian lawmakers should be indispensable in governance.
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Who or What is PAGG?

Who is PAGG?
Pan African Godly Governance (P.A.G.G) is interdenominational in character, non-racial, not affiliated to any political party or part of any governmental structures. A policy established in 1977

• What is the purpose of PAGG?
To raise a network of male & female proactive kingdom minded leaders, that can engage in all governmental structures, example: provincial and local government, municipalities, wards, etc.

• Is PAGG a political party?
No! It is definitely not, nor will it be a power base for any political forum. We understand the principles of politics and are able to function as a catalyst amongst all political parties representing the Godly voice of civil society. This forum stands firmly on Godly principles and will interpret policies within a biblical framework.

• Can anyone join PAGG?
Any kingdom minded christian or organisation, etc. Whomever agrees with our mandate and statement of faith.

Africa needs your field
of expertise, your
leadership & mentoring.

Team work makes
the dream work.
The Kingdom minded women
of today, is pregnant with
Godly forsight and wisdom
(The seed of the women).
The (now) generation of
forward thinkers are doing
damage control.
Let's heal our beloved land,
is their cry, parents.
We need kingdom political utterances that can change
Africa as the light of
the world.
Where are the
Elijahs of God?

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Contact details
Email: info@paggafrica.org
Land line: +27 218011949
Cell: +27 7460001949
WhatsApp: +27 7460001949
Sms: +27 822908600
Address: P.O. Box 1371 Cape Town 8001
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